Photography is far more than just clicking a button and hoping everything happens to come out right.

It's about making people go "WOW!"

It's about making people go "I remember!"

It's about color, life, brilliance, sadness, happiness, joy and every other emotion you can imagine!

It's about going back in time, to another place and another dimension of our lives.

And it takes someone with a lot of talent and a lot of know-how to pull this off.

We view our photography as an expression of ourselves and our art. We do everything we can to connect with our subjects, to capture them and their personalities. And do it in a way that is both breathtaking and timeless.

Not a small view. It's taken Ed more than 30 years to achieve that level of excellence. Consistently. It's not good enough to do it just once or twice, it has to be constant.

When you book EMC Photography -- we bring all this to the table and more. If all you expect is just a quick photo and a disc of images, forget it. That's far too easy. We hope and expect to become your photographers for life.

We deliver beyond the expectations.